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Catering Perth

Benefits of ‘Buying Green'

Health and environmental concerns associated with workplace chemicals has led to the development of eco-friendly liquid products. Typical characteristics of environmentally friendly liquids are biodegradability, low toxicity and low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content.

Perth-based environmental cleaning products company Envirosafe Solutions has been supplying Australian workplaces with safe, effective and affordable eco-friendly liquid products for more than 20 years. Envirosafe Solutions' Extreme Green cleaning alternatives, including its solvent-free degreaser, cater for the cleaning, industrial, mining, healthcare and government sectors.

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Rather than a time of innocence and happiness, childhood has for many become a difficult health battle. Soaring rates of obesity, allergies, neurodevelopment disorders and learning issues have Practitioners, parents and teachers all struggling to cope. Like the canaries in the coal mines, our children have become sensitive indicators of the substantial changes that have taken place in our diets, lifestyles and increasingly toxic environment. Whilst modern medicine has so far had limited success with complex conditions such as Autism, pioneering Practitioners are taking a whole-systems approach to treatment and are rewriting the rules of medicine in the process. Integrative healthcare Practitioners are ideally placed to lead the development of this new paradigm of healing throughout our community, and will learn valuable skills and treatment strategies in these important areas. A Natural Self has a 100 point thorough health appraisal check of all body systems.

For more detailed help with individual cases and to discover detailed protocols for associated conditions, please contact our professional Naturopathic Practitioner at:

A Natural Self,

A Naturopathy Clinic

Dana Kington


244 South Tce

South Fremantle, 6162


At A Natural Self clinic, you will find all the latest technology, such as Electro dermal screening (Asyra Pro), Toxicity and Heavy Metal Testing, Allergy Testing (Vega), Live Blood Analysis (Hemaview), and Iridology. We also treat with all forms of Natural Medicine with the natural supplements of Homeopathy, Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and Enzyme Therapy. And in the Kid Health page you will find products for kids immunity and everyday health. When shopping on line, costs can be minimized. There are no shop front overheads. These SAVINGS can be passed onto the consummer. What's more, the purchase is delivered to your door, so you dont even have to leave the house! A Natural Self caters for this.

This naturopathy clinic also supplies natural gift kits at our retail on line shop. Natural products have been thoughtfully organized into kits for different health ailments. They consist of natural supplements remedies in attractive gift boxes for you to choose from. It doesn't matter what the ailment, these gift kits are a perfect natural product gift idea.

Australian gamers, rejoice! Xbox 360 Australia has been launched to cater to the ever growing number of Xbox 360 enthusiasts in the region.

With a rich library of games and with the soon-to-be-released Kinect add-on in the horizon, there has been a huge demand for Xbox 360 information and technical support. Australia, is the biggest commercial hub in the Oceanic region and Xbox 360 Australia aim to supply these needs to make Xbox 360 gaming an even more enjoyable experience for gamers in the land downunder.

Xbox 360 Australia promises to become the ultimate gaming portal for Xbox 360 owners in the country. The website contains the latest news and information about the console and games for the system. Whether they're previously released titles or upcoming blockbusters, Xbox 360 Australia will have all the official details about these products.

Xbox 360 Australia can serve as an encyclopedia of all the titles available, both old and new video games in the Australian market. Users can browse the site's comprehensive catalog of games, which include all the titles released under the Xbox 360, the Xbox Classics, the Xbox Arcade, and the Games On Demand banners. Basically, all of the Xbox games and all of the upcoming Kinect games are included in their catalog.

Additionally, the website also lists down the Xbox accessories available for the Xbox hardware. From plug-and-play kits to official HDMI cables to skins for the dashboard, you're sure to find the Xbox accessories you're looking for in its pages.

However, Xbox 360 Australia is more than just a gaming information website.

Xbox 360 is also the Xbox Live portal for Australian gamers, a site they can access from their game consoles so that the digital products can be downloaded straight to the system.

It is also the official online store for the game console's digital offerings. Users can access the Marketplace where they can buy Xbox games, downloadable content for existing games, access to streaming movies, and even accessories for their avatars. These digital goodies can be bought with Microsoft Points, which can also be redeemed in the site.

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The Marketplace is also the place for the "Deal of the Week," a weekly offer that promotes an insanely amazing bargain. Want to buy Xbox games for a fraction of their original price? Or perhaps a downloadable content (DLC) for free? Or maybe a once exclusive demo that you can now access? Then the "Deal of the Week" should be one of your regular stops when visiting Xbox 360 Australia.

Users can also connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to Xbox 360 Australia. This way, they can immediately invite their Facebook friends to a multiplayer game of Halo: Reach, or a 4-against-the-world campaign of Left 4 Dead 2. They can also instantly announce their newest achievements via automated tweets.

Lastly, Xbox 360 Australia hosts a forum where avid gamers in the region can converge to discuss tip and tricks about their favorite Xbox or Kinect games, as well as other topics they may fancy.

Xbox 360 Australia is not just a gaming website. It is a testament to the dedication that Microsoft has committed to Australian gamers from Sydney to Perth to the Gold Coast and everywhere in between.


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